>Online Newsrooms

14 Jan

>I’m thinking through a potential online newsroom for my company, so I Google searched for some tips on Do’s and Don’ts. Here’s the most comprehensive site I found on the topic: http://www.tekgroup.com/marketing/tekmedia_tips2005/.

And if anyone manages or knows of great online newsrooms, I’d love to take a look. Drop me a comment with your URL.



One Response to “>Online Newsrooms”

  1. Ibrey Woodall 05/14/2009 at 3:21 PM #

    >Jason – Try http://www.tekgroup.com/research. You’ll can find an updated comprehensive list of the Top 20 Elements to have in an online newsroom, as well as the latest survey of journalists. Analysis of this year’s survey will be coming out in next month’s issue of PRSA’s PR Tactics.Let me know if you have questions. Appreciate the interest.Ibrey WoodallTEKgroup Internationalhttp://www.twitter.com/IbreyWoodallhttp://www.twitter.com/TEKgroup

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