>There’s No Crying in Your Beer

31 Jul

>Welcome back to The Sports Ace, where our Hall of Fame, ring-wearing quarterbacks are welcomed into the locker room with open arms.

Is there any place in the sporting world right now more miserable than Wisconsin? Let us consider the evidence:
–The Brewers, who were supposed to be in a tight playoff race with the arch-rival Cubs, got completely waxed in a four-game series at home against said Cubbies. I think they’ll make a run at the playoffs, through the wild card, but for all intents and purposes, the NL Central race is over.
–Brett Favre. It’s already bad for the loyal fans of the Cheese that they have to watch their legendary quarterback forced to the sidelines by the very team some of them own. Now, they also may see that legend jump ship and play for the arch-rival Vikings…because Brett wants to play in Minnesota more than he wants to return to Green Bay. Wow, I never saw that one coming. The only thing worse for packer fans: the eventual certainty of Favre throwing at least 3 TD passes on Opening Night (formerly Jersey Retirement Night) in Lambeau, beating them again in Minnesota and leading the Vikes to the Big Game. I’m not saying any of this is a certainty by any means, but seriously, this Favre thing is a nightmare any way you slice it in Sconnie land.
–The Bucks? Ha. Irrelevant.
–The badgers? Still in most preseason Top 25 lists thanks to a deep running back corps, and bound to stay there for a while thanks to their softer than Bounty schedule. But this team has the most question marks of any UW squad in at least a decade, and they all begin at QB. I’m not saying it will be a terrible year for them (I sure am hoping though…), but it sure looks like the toughest road in a long time.

Viewing this as a homer sports die-hard who’s endured an awful lot of heartache over the years (Gary Anderson, 41-0, Kucek’s dropped punt snap, 10/10/03, Northwestern on Homecoming in 2000, T’wolves in 2004, etc.), I think that cloud might finally be moving east across the St. Croix River. We’re not out of the woods here ourselves yet, but the forecast calls for sunny skies.

I’m out like Manny Ramirez.


One Response to “>There’s No Crying in Your Beer”

  1. Mark Roberts 07/31/2008 at 10:37 PM #

    >Also, The University of Wisconsin was nowhere to be found on this year’s “Top Party Schools”. Must be less to drink and celebrate.

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