>Nightmares of Fenway

10 Jul

>If you’re a good Twins fan like me, you hated to see the team get swept in Boston. They played all right the first two nights, yet lost both games by one run. Of course, then they got blown out.

You know, I hate to say it, but it seems like our Twins have an East Coast bias of their own. You know how the media (ESPN especially) seem to give the Yankees and Red Sox more air time, coverage, analysis, etc…well, that all would lead an impartial observer to believe that those teams are better or more important than the others. And I think the Twins are picking up on that to some extent. Every once in a while, you catch a glimpse that they might seem to be intimidated by the big-market teams, especially in their home stadiums. Now granted, the Red Sox are just plain lights out at Fenway this year, and the Yanks seem to be improving as they always do this time of year. But I worry that our team gets psyched out a little bit, and that the deck is slightly stacked against the Twins before the first pitch is even thrown. It’s just a perception of mine…

But wow, what a game and comeback today. The bullpen righted the ship, and Morneau had a career day, capped off by the game-winning homer in the 11th.

Finally, the Lynx continued their collapse, falling under .500 last night by blowing an 18-point lead at home against a previously 1-17 team. Does it get any worse than that?

I’m out like afore-mentioned Lynx.


One Response to “>Nightmares of Fenway”

  1. Mark Roberts 07/10/2008 at 8:32 PM #

    >Great stuff…right up until the point where you felt the (inexplicable) need to comment on the Lynx. Like the people who put a slice of cheese on top of apple pie. WTF?

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