>A Dog-off, a Classic and some Domination

7 Jul

>What a Fourth of July weekend it was…

On Coney Island, a dog-off was needed for Joey Chestnut to keep his hot dog eating title belt. You can’t make this stuff up. Truly, starving children in Africa are crying their eyes out…if Nathan’s wanted some good PR, why wouldn’t they donate as many hot dogs as are used in the competition to some poor area halfway across the world. And only in America can a man eat 59 hot dogs in 10 minutes – one nearly every 10 seconds – and have it not be enough. Granted, it’s kind of interesting to watch people eat that fast, but it is the ultimate in gluttony.

Across the pond, Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in what may have been the greatest tennis match of all time. Here’s hoping ESPN replays it in its entirety, rain delays edited out, as soon as possible. But seriously, how great was that match…

And in local sports, those Twins keep right on winning. But how about the Eden Prairie American Legion baseball team? Those kids won a major national tournament in Tennessee this week, beating a team from Tennessee in the quarters and again in the finals to polish it off. All of a sudden, after a less-than-stellar varsity baseball season, those kids from EP have figured it out again. Just win, baby.

I’m out like the Cleveland Indians.


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