>Scott Ullger is no Ron Gardenhire

1 Jul

>I can’t blame Gardy for doing what he did last night, going after the ump for a poor warning decision and sticking up for Mauer. What bothers me is the way his back-up manager navigates the late innings.

Let’s look at last night, for example (there have been other suspect games in past years). Glen Perkins is rolling along in the 7th, and gave up a harmless single with one out. Ullger gets out the quick hook, pulling Perkins for Crain. Reyes and Guerrier also come in – in the seventh inning – to face hitters. Breslow and Bass also pitch in the ninth. If you’re counting, that’s five relief pitchers used to get eight outs…with four runs (three earned) given up in that span.

Now, this argument is slightly irrelevant because of the recent lights-out nature of the Twins bullpen. You wouldn’t think they would all suck like last night. But when your starter is rolling along, why don’t you let him go a while? I didn’t see anything to suggest Perkins was starting to tank. Don’t go to your bullpen just because it’s there…go to it when you need to.

Plus, I know matchups are important, but I’ve never been a fan of using that many pitchers in that short a span. They’re just getting going, especially after so many days off. Maybe they’d do better if they got more than one hitter. Who knows.

Gardy can have a quick hook with starters sometimes, but I think he manages his bullpen well – and he’s improved since his early years. Personally, I think Scotty has more learning to do…and that his quick decisions last night might have contributed to the loss in some small way.

I’m out like Interlachen Country Club.


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