25 Jun

>So…a few more things to get off my chest today…

Lost in the Twins’ win streak is the fact they have the second-best interleague record (10-3) in the majors. The best, you might ask? None other than the Kansas City Royals (11-3). No kidding. But the last time the Twins had a record that good in interleague play? 2006, when they went 16-2. And we all know how that season ended up…

Secondly, one of my preferred sports blogs, RandBall, started an interesting discussion today that I think we should piggyback onto: if you could have at-bat theme music, what song would you choose? We’ve heard some great ones with Twins players over the years…Joe Nathan, Justin Morneau, Corey Koskie, etc. What would you pick? The Sports Ace’s selection: “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve. Backups, if that’s taken, include “My Humps” of Black Eyed Peas fame (sidesplitting laughs every time when this song comes on Michael’s cell phone on “The Office”), “Going the Distance” by Cake and “Song 2” by Blur. Let’s go now…let me hear you out there.

I’m out like Novak Djokovic.


One Response to “>Baseball…”

  1. Arik H 06/25/2008 at 6:25 PM #

    >The interleague success of the Twins is somewhat of a mirage. I think we’ll see them come back to earth a little when they return to the AL. That said, here’s to hoping we can ride this streak until she bucks us.

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