>TSA’s Weekend

9 Jun

>So, a few thoughts from the weekend that was:

–In a weird sort of way, I’m glad Big Brown didn’t win the Belmont. I’m not sure I could have listened to his cocky trainer gloat about him if he did. And you can just imagine the UPS ads that thankfully won’t be airing now. Anyone else think the trainer is acting like a sore loser? No press interviews or anything? No doubt the Donald isn’t happy about it…yes, the trainer wore a Trump cap in the stands – you would have seen it shortly before post time. I’m sure Trump paid for that privilege…and he can’t be pleased that his horse came in last.

–Wow, is Rafael Nadal good or what? That was one amazing display of tennis against Federer.
Like you, I tuned in for a classic and ended up watching a rout of historic proportions. There’s no doubt Federer is suffering (let’s keep it in perspective, people…he’s still #1 in the world) through his worst year in recent memory, but he’s still the man to beat at Wimbledon. There’s no doubt though about this: Federer/Nadal is the most intriguing thing to happen to men’s tennis since Sampras/Agassi.

–Celtics/Lakers…ho hum. It was impressive how the Celts built their big lead in Game 2, but even more impressive how they managed to let the Lakers back into the game late. Wow, what a letdown in leadership by Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce…they got the win, but they may have awoken a sleeping giant.

Best sports you’re not watching: the NCAA baseball super-regionals. Those kids sure are playing some entertaining baseball…there have been more plot twists than a I highly recommend you catch the remaining game today and then the College World Series starting Saturday.

I’m out like the Twins pitching staff.


One Response to “>TSA’s Weekend”

  1. Ted in Apple Valley 06/10/2008 at 11:15 AM #

    >I think the biggest problem with the NCAA baseball tourney is that there is little known about each team prior to the tournement. Unless your alma-mater or your local school is in it, how does a casual fan get into it? It’s been great for baseball junkies (like myself), but for the casual fan its hard to invest the time into a game that they have no knowledge of their history or have any relation to the team. I hope that ESPN and Fox start to look at broadcasting more college baseball during the regular season (and not on ESPN 360 or ESPNU, which I have yet to meet anyone that actually watches either one of those networks).

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