>My Own Welcome Back

2 Jun

>Well, hello everyone…

Now that I’ve been laid off from my last job, I find myself with just a bit of extra time. So I figured I might re-visit my contribution to the online world and weigh in.

First thing’s first: I hope Nick Blackburn is all right. What a shot he took yesterday…

Is anyone else excited about the Vikings’ chances for 2008-09?

This just in: the Timberwolves still suck.

And I hope Doug Risebrough doesn’t go off signing goons anytime soon, like he did with Chris Simon. That one really worked out for the Wild.

The coming Chanhassen High School has been placed in the Lake Conference, giving the league 12 schools starting in the fall of 2009. I think that’s great, as the league has had an odd number of teams for years now. Next, the Lake needs to form two six-team divisions and get rid of that annoying rotating schedule it uses in just about every sport.

And I really don’t have much sympathy for the Classic Lake Conference. Yes, it would be good if it had more than five teams, but there’s got to be a reason why schools have left them in the past and no one will join them now. Personally, I think they should go after schools like Maple Grove, Shakopee, Prior Lake and Holy Angels. Wouldn’t you love to see Edina and Holy Angels play at least two hockey games every season? Sign me up.

Also, I need to publicly apologize to Star Tribune preps reporter Jim Paulsen for a rant I put on him last fall, after a playoff football game. Jim, and the rest of the team there, you do a fabulous job, and it’s a primary reason I subscribe to your paper and not the other one in town (despite the fact my wife works at the other one). Keep it up.

I’m out like Flip Saunders.


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