>Many Happy Returns

6 Feb

>Wow…how I missed writing this blog. This is merely a test.

A few of my latest rants and raves…

–Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts, former Gophers Utecht and Reid and my boy Peyton Manning for winning the Super Bowl. Good guys really do finish first every once in a while.

–Did you notice that in both the Super Bowl and the BCS Title Game, the losing team ran the opening kickoff back for a TD and then proceeded to suck? Interesting…

–To Gophers AD Joel Maturi – you might finally have done something right. Tim Brewster has done the job in his first few weeks as head coach of our Gopher football team. He’s already proven he can recruit…I can’t wait to see this guy in action next year. Michael Floyd as a Gopher? Sure does sound good to me.

–Gopher Hockey will be okay. There’s NO way they could pull a Holy Cross two years in a row.

–The Timberwolves SUCK. Oh wow, they suck. Can you believe that NBA basketball in a town with Kevin Garnett playing 41 nights a year is completely irrelevant? That just goes to show how far this team has fallen.

–To the MSHSL: great job. Significantly changing transfer rules is a MAJOR step in the right direction. I’ve seen transfers both help and significantly hurt a team, and I firmly believe that they should be outlawed – unless there are good reasons, like the MSHSL has laid out. Finally.

–Lastly, a little love for the Lake Conference in high school sports. Let’s take boys’ basketball, for example. There are six teams in the Lake within two games of first place – all six teams have 10+ wins on the year, and they’ve beaten top teams around the state. Yet, in this week’s Star Tribune metro rankings, not a single team made the top 10. This is injustice of the highest order. When a deep Jefferson team with Kansas-bound Cole Aldrich is in 6th place, you know you have one special conference. To all the voters out there: wake up. But I will say that boys’ hockey is way down this year. All you need to know: Chaska was in first place last week.

I’m out like Dwayne Casey, Ted Johnson and the 40 high school wrestlers with herpes.


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