>Is Zygi a Hypocrite?

17 Jan

>Get this…the owner of the Vikings preaches winning a Super Bowl as his top priority, then hires an aggressive PR firm to push a political agenda to get a stadium and retail complex built. Good or not good?

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a stadium built. The Vikings would benefit on the field from the atmosphere and the excitement. And they would benefit financially from all the increased revenue they could command. To me, the Gophers and Twins come first and second, but the Vikings would surely thrive in some new digs.

The only thing about this is that Zygi’s starting to seem a little two-faced to me. I have no doubt he would like to win a Super Bowl, and he showed that when he fired Mike Tice and hired Brad Childress. But it all seems to be about the money that he would get from a new retail complex and stadium – not the product on the field. Granted, he’s the owner of a pro sports franchise, and he has every right to do whatever he feels will make his franchise worth more when he goes to sell it. But, especially in a community where honesty and character is valued so highly, if what he wants is a stadium AND a Super Bowl, why can’t he just say so? I think Minnesotans wouldn’t be opposed to a healthy debate between the Vikings and Anoka County about how to get a deal done. But when you bring in some outside muscle to push your agenda, you begin to look like a bully. And Minnesotans hate bullies.

I wonder what the reaction will be around the metro to this PR firm and its work. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a backlash, and if that happens, it sure will be interesting to see how Zygi handles it. He could play Minnesota Nice, but could we also see the East Coast developer in him?


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