>I’m back…

8 Dec

>So I’m back…sorry guys.

The Vikings have won five in a row, and struggling St. Louis is coming to town. Yes, the defense is playing better, but one of the more underrated reasons for the turnaround? Koren Robinson. This guy is playing his lights out, and he’s corrected a lot of the things that kept him from fitting with Seattle – namely holding onto the football. In hindsight, this was easily one of the top three free agent moves the team made last offseason.

High school hockey is back! Already I’ve seen some good contests – Jefferson/Lakeville North, etc. But Hill Murray/White Bear Lake? What a yawner. The #2 and #3 ranked teams in the state scored 1 combined goal, and passes were sloppy, skating was lackluster and penalties were frequent. I was completely underwhelmed…glad it’s early in the season.

And speaking of low scoring, how about the T-wolves! They may have it put together now, thanks to the fact they only allow 80 points a game. 10-6 after 16 games isn’t a bad start, for a new coach and a lot of role players. If they keep gelling, it could be a fun rest of the year.

Gotta run. I’m out like girls hockey players from the Kennedy H.S. team.


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