>Koren Robinson??

6 Sep

>All right, Purple Nation. Can anyone explain to me why the Vikings signed Koren Robinson?

Did they really need another receiver at $1.5 million over two years? And did they need to take another guy with a history of drug use? I’m not sure. All I know is that Robinson was a stellar college wideout at NC State. He torched our Gophers in the Micron Bowl in Miami in 2000. But ever since then, he hasn’t been able to catch a cold. Just ask Mike Holmgren…the man definitely did not help the Seahawks’ chances last season. And the last thing Daunte needs is for the WRs to get a case of butterfingersitis.

Yeah, Koren’s supposed to have cleaned himself up in the offseason, so the Vikes laced his contract with incentives. But right now, there’s only one positive I see to this mess. Guess who got demoted to make room for Robinson? Kelly Campbell. And when you compare these two characters, the Vikings definitely upgraded.


2 Responses to “>Koren Robinson??”

  1. Anonymous 09/06/2005 at 8:34 PM #

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  2. twinatic 09/08/2005 at 7:14 AM #

    >The Vikes got a steal on this one…they weren’t the only ones in the Robinson derby, but they won it, and to have a guy like Robinson ready to fill in when someone goes down (it’s not an if, but a when, when it comes to the NFL) is a great grab. Plus, $1.5 million for a former top-10 pick is a steal, and if he can clean up his act off the field (which as long as no one with a Wizzinator on the team becomes buddies with him is a possibility) this could be a NFL comeback player of the year-type scenario. The rich just got richer, me thinks…

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