>Labor Day

5 Sep

>Happy Labor Day to all…

–So far so good for the Gophers. If you still don’t believe that Maroney is one of the best backs in Gopher history, get out of here.

–High school football season is underway, and it’s more of the same old, same old so far. Eden Prairie pounds another team into submission. Cretin-Derham Hall continues the domination. And Bloomington Kennedy, although much improved over last year in their opener, takes a loss. But my hat’s off to my former hometown, Lakeville. It’s a team that many experts predicted could win a state championship this year if there was still just one football team. But they split up, with both teams getting pounded in their openers. They may have lost the games, but they WILL win the war. The district, unlike Eden Prairie, built a second high school. They gave more kids a better chance to lead, to play, and most importantly, to succeed in the classroom. The on-field wins will just be that much sweeter when they do come.

–The Big Ten is 10-0 in football so far this year, thanks to Illinois’ superb 4th-quarter comeback against Rutgers. Is there any doubt, with three top-ten teams and improved strength all over, that this is the best conference in college football?

–The WNBA playoffs are happening. Does anyone care?

Aw shucks, I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m off to grill it up.


2 Responses to “>Labor Day”

  1. Anonymous 09/05/2005 at 5:13 PM #

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  2. twinatic 09/06/2005 at 10:23 AM #

    >I’m not selling a bed & breakfast, but I am waiting for the day that the first four games of the Gopher season mean more than the NFL preseason…will that ever happen?

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