>Mid-August post

16 Aug

>Hey all! Sorry it’s been a while since my last posting. I’ll do better.

So I noticed that the Twins have won 3 of 4. The pitching has been amazing, so I’m glad to see some wins on the board. Maybe if they sweep the remaining games from the White Sox, they can win the division. Maybe.

I saw a brief in the Strib sports today about the MSHSL thinking about making state football quarterfinal playoff games neutral-field, artificial-turf contests. This makes a lot of sense to me. I’m not sure that games needs to be played on turf, but neutral sites would get rid of the huge advantage that home teams have in the quarterfinal round. Huge. Especially if the opponent happens to be from a section on the other end of the state. Although it could mean that games would move indoors, and the nostalgic part of me doesn’t like that, the teams that get to the Dome are most often the teams that navigate the weather the best – not necessarily the best team. Let’s move the games.

And today’s thought on the Twins:
Remember recently how they were in an 0-for-24 slump with runners in scoring position? And how that stretch came at a time when the Twins lost a lot of one-run ballgames? Think for a minute. If the Twins hit a merely average .250 in that stretch, they would have had 6 hits. Being that some of the hits would come with bases loaded, you could conservatively estimate that the team would have scored 8 more runs because of those hits. And eight runs in the bank when you’re losing a lot of one-run games?? Maybe that equates to 4-6 more wins. And how far back are the Twins in the wild card? As of today, six games. Just a thought to chew on…

I drafted my fantasy football team this weekend. Gotta love the fact I have Marvin Harrison, Michael Clayton, Steve Smith AND Jimmy Smith at WR, Jason Elam at K, Carolina’s defense and Deuce McAllister at RB. And Tom Brady will be steady as my starting QB. But my big question is whether Fred Taylor and Michael Bennett will produce. I took them both on their potential, which is definitely big. And my string of consecutive championships could very well depend on how much of that potential they realize…


3 Responses to “>Mid-August post”

  1. twinatic 08/17/2005 at 10:21 AM #

    >This is what you said just two weeks ago:”I guess I am ready to call it a season for the Twins given the results of their road trip and their inability to make a trade to improve the team at the deadline.”I’ll have to see if the room that you left when you jumped off the bandwagon is still available for you to jump back on.

  2. Anonymous 08/22/2005 at 8:03 AM #

    >The Twins don’t deserve a bandwagon right now. I don’t care about eight out of ten, blah, blah.The team lost me when they went gutless at the trade deadline.And while I am glad to see them playing with some stones, I am not convinced it is going to last. They needed hitting two years ago, they needed hitting last year, they needed hitting at the trade deadline and they did nothing.As for moving more state tourney games, sorry. The more games that get played in the dome the less interested I become. The happiest day of my life will be the day strategically-placed sticks of dynamite blow that disgrace of a building to smitherenes and the teflon coated marshmellow roof goes flying off into the air never to be seen again.

  3. Anonymous 03/04/2010 at 4:03 AM #

    >At you inquisitive mind 🙂

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