>Some things…

6 Aug

>What’s up y’all,

A few observations of mine lately:

–Rafael Palmeiro. When the guy got his 3,000th hit a few weeks ago, I was among those leading his parade to Cooperstown. What a sweet career he’s had, and not only full of big numbers but consistency as well. And then we heard about his steroid trouble. As a baseball purist, I’m really struggling with Palmeiro’s positive test. I still believe that his numbers are Hall-worthy, and I’ve enjoyed watching him play over the years. But he cheated, and he got caught cheating. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, the fact is he got busted. And that, my friends, is why he should NOT be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Heck, if Pete Rose isn’t a member of the Hall for what he did, then Raffy shouldn’t be either.

And the sickest thing about this news? Jose Canseco might actually have been right. I don’t know if I’m rushing out to buy his book yet, but Jose definitely had a good week. And it wasn’t because Janice Dickinson hit on him on “The Surreal Life.”

–What’s up with the Lynx?

These guys baffle me. In my opinion, the Lynx have had amazing opportunities in the past couple of drafts to get homegrown stars like Lindsay Whalen and Janel McCarville of Gopher All-America fame. Granted, they may have had to draft up and give up talent and draft picks to do it, perhaps making the team less competitive in the short term. But you had an opportunity to get two of the most cherished female athletes this state has ever seen, and you let it go. You may lose a few games, but haven’t you been losing games since you started? Also, even if you lose, I guarantee that attendance would have been up, as people really loved these two charismatic young role models. In the WNBA, and the Target Center for sure, there are LOTS of good seats available for every game. And in a league where money talks, the Lynx probably would have had some more of it – which they could have reinvested in the team however they wished.

And then they went and traded their franchise player, depleting your talent and tossing in your playoff towel…and you still don’t have anything to draw in the fans. I’m sorry, but this is exactly the kind of series of events that explain clearly why no one in the Twin Cities cares about the Lynx.

–Gopher Football Practice Started! Woo hoo…even though I’ll be lucky to attend one game this year after going to EVERY game for the last 7 years, these guys will be fun to watch. That is, until their Big Ten opener against Purdue. The jury’s still out on this team, because I don’t see a big difference between this team and the one that blew a top-10 ranking against Michigan and then mailed it in the rest of the last two seasons. And with a tougher Big Ten schedule, it gets even tougher for the Gophers. I think they’ll go bowling again, but until they can prove they’re worthy of the pressure, I can’t pencil them into Pasadena, Orlando or even Tampa. But will it ever be fun to watch Maroney this year…for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him live, he’s one of the best pure runners I’ve ever seen.

Gotta run. Check out the 3M Championship this weekend!


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  1. twinatic 08/07/2005 at 10:56 AM #

    >If the WNBA had any business sense, they would realize that the only way the Lynx are going to survive is if they step in and lead them to greener pastures. You’re right on about missing opportunities with not drafting Gophers, but I think in order for the franchise to survive, the WNBA’s going to have to make up some sort of deal that allows those players to go to the Lynx. They should’ve drafted up the past two drafts…problem is, they had nothing anyone else wanted. If the WNBA doesn’t step in, I think they’re either moving or gone in the next two years, and no one in the Twin Cities will care.

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