>Twins notes

1 Aug

>Too bad about Tori. I guess I am ready to call it a season for the Twins given the results of their road trip and their inability to make a trade to improve the team at the deadline. I heard the Twins had an offer to trade for Soriano. In exchange, they would have given up a really good minor league picture, Loshe, and Romero. I think Soriano would have changed the complexion of the team, but I guess this trade wasn’t a good deal in Terry Ryan’s mind.

At least we still have the Vikings to distract us from the last two months of this tailspin.


2 Responses to “>Twins notes”

  1. twinatic 08/01/2005 at 3:00 PM #

    >Oh ye of little faith…the AL Central Pennet is way out of reach, due to a year in which no one could’ve seen happening from the ChiSox, but the AL Wild Card is still anyone’s game. If you’re jumping off the Twins bandwagon, though, it has been noted.

  2. Sports Ace 08/06/2005 at 9:50 AM #

    >You know, twinatic, the Sports Ace did not post this posting! It was another of my great members, GoTwins7. Thanks for your comments guys.

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