>Torii’s Hurt

30 Jul

>This is what the Twins were saying after last night’s game in Boston. Torii Hunter is down, and that’s not good. Just my opinion, but with this setback the Twins are toast. It doesn’t matter how long he’s out…not a chance of making the playoffs. Hate to say it, but facts are facts.

But this also hurts for me on a personal level. He’s a great centerfielder, and he’s the Twins undisputed leader. But he’s a great person too. Back in my college days, when I did production work with Fox Sports Net, I worked quite a few Twins games and helped bring the TV telecasts to the visiting team’s markets. In my down time before the games, I did what any baseball lover with an all-access media credential would do: I hit the field. I leaned on the batting cages and watched the bombs fly. I stood with the players as they loosened up and played catch. I sat in the dugout and spat sunflower seeds. I got to know some players, and I had a truly wonderful summer.

And when I was doing all this, one Twins player was always there with a smile and a handshake for me: Torii Hunter. He always wanted my latest news. He was there to offer congratulations when things were going well, and a word of encouragement when they weren’t. I was for the most part a complete stranger with a press credential – but I showed interest, and he took it from there.

I miss those days. And ever since, I’ve rooted a little harder for Torii than the others. So it follows naturally that I feel a bit worse now that he’s out of the lineup. Torii, to give you some advice that you always gave me, keep after it, and don’t lose sight of your goal, man. You’ll get it done.


One Response to “>Torii’s Hurt”

  1. twinatic 07/31/2005 at 3:58 PM #

    >You’re writing like it’s an obituary…he’ll be back, and even though he’s hurt, if the other guys rally around this, they can still make a run at it. Justin and Jaque remebered what that stick in their hands are for again, so that’s a good sign, and if the remaining parts of the line-up can start playing (which has been the real problem for the Twins this year: a lack of performance by role players), the Twins are still in it. It’s going to be a tough hill to climb, but that was even before Torii went down. He is a great leader, and hopefully he can insprie his teammates to win it without him.

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